A video went viral online showing a guy sleeping soundly in his room before his girlfriend barged in and did a shocking gesture to him, and many more pranks.

This hilarious girlfriend compiled videos of her pranking her boyfriend with a lot of things.

First it showed how the girlfriend waxed the guy's legs and next came the video of her spreading ice cream all over his face; last featured her preparing her boyfriend's sandwich and putting cat food in it.

A girlfriend like in this video will surely push any man's buttons!
Watch the full video:
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President Rodrigo Duterte was asked to choose whether he likes China or Japan better on the live streaming of his first state visit to Japan.

He responded with an answer neither in favor of Japan or China.

"Between Japan and China, I love the Philippines more," Duterte said.

The president recently caught himself in a controversy regarding our country ending ties with the United States while fostering closer relations with China.

Duterte will be staying in Japan from October 25 to October 27.

Source: TNP , CNNPhilippines

Philippine provinces are rich in folklore and myths. While Capiz and Antique are known for its ‘Aswang Stories’ and Dumaguete has its “Manananggal”, the North is known for the ‘Tikbalang’, a mythical creature with a horse’ head and feet and the body of human. According to legends, they are playful around humans. They cause travellers to lose their way and charm humans into imagining things that aren’t real. 

In one province in the North lies a site where ‘Mang Rogelio’ resides. He claims that his father, Lolo Mariano, had an experience with a Tikbalang. Contrary to the usual stories about the Tikbalang, Mang Rogelio claims that his father is actually friends with the creature. He shared how the Tikbalang helps them in times of need, especially if they don’t have enough money for their family. It also helps his father look after all of them. 

One of Lolo Mariano’s granddaughters shares that they still believe the Tikbalang is still around, saying: "Kahit dyan sa bahay namin dyan, sa bahay namin, ramdam ko siya. Ramdam ko po talaga na may kasama kami, lalo na pag umakyat ako sa bahay kasi alam ko pag andyan siya sa tabi, yung mabaho,"

Mang Rogelio’s family don’t mind. They trust that the Tikbalang would never harm them. 

Watch the full video below:

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A hotel is usually a place for rest and relaxation. However in this hotel in Beihai, Guangxi, China, not all had a good rest as the people in the other room could not keep it down. 

On October 13, early in the morning, a group of businessman checked in to a hotel so they could rest before going to their next meeting the following morning. But because of the noise made by their neighbors – who were having their ‘intimate time’ – the businessmen were unable to get the rest they so needed. 

Zhang, one of the businessmen went out of his room and banged on the door where the couple was staying in and shouted at them to ‘keep things down’.

Lei, the man inside the couple’s room came out and then shouted foul words at Zhang. This prompted Zhang to drag Lei out of his room and then beat him. When the authorities finally came, the fight between the two was stopped.

Zhang admitted that he was wrong to overreact the way he did and paid Lei 15,000 yuan for his rash actions. 

Source: TNP, Viral4Real

A woman from the Guangzhou Province in China who was identified as Huang, reported a man for capturing her underwear using his mobile phone.

Huang claims that she was on the escalator of the MRT when she felt that this man slowly lifted her skirt up and filmed her underwear. She confronted the man, but he quickly denied it saying that he didn't do such thing.

The man tried escaping but then, the security officers quickly arrested him. 

What shocked the woman even more is when they saw a wet white spot on her skirt. The authorities claim that the white spot was a liquid from the man's manhood.

To all the ladies out there, be aware of your surroundings!

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The second suspect in the killing of 18-year-old college student, Nick Russel Oniot, passed away inside his cell on Sunday evening as reported by GMA News.

Southern Police District director Senior Supt. Tomas Apolinario said that Reynold Clave died inside the detention cell of Taguig City Police Station at 10:45p.m.

Clave is one of the suspects in the killing of Nick Russel Oniot, who died after being stabbed 18 times.

"Na-suffocate yata dahil overcrowded 'yung jail doon. Sobrang masikip. Nagkasakit, baka atake sa puso, et cetera," Apolinario said.

"Nadala naman siya sa Taguig Pateros Hospital pero patay na," he added.

More or less 80 detainees were detained inside the cell when the incident happened.

First suspect, Marvin Bernardo, was killed earlier when he allegedly tried to get the police's firearms.

Both suspect were arrested in a follow-up operations of the police.

The Second Suspect in The Killing of Architecture Student Died Inside Detention Cell!
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Apparently, the other guests couldn’t sleep because of the noises the couple made.
Everyone enjoys a good rest in a hotel. But some of us have experienced that one neighbour who wouldn’t keep things down—may it be music or something else. But how far would you go to escape your neighbour’s noise? While some would rather go out, or simply plug their ears and listen to music—this guy decided to do something else!

Screenshot from Facebook/Shanghaiist

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 13th at a hotel in Beihai, Guangxi where a group of businessmen checked in for a night of good sleep before a meeting the next morning. But they couldn’t sleep due to their neighbor’s noise. Apparently, their neighbours were having an ‘intimate time’, and they were simply getting too loud.

Screenshot from Facebook/Shanghaiist

One of the businessmen, surnamed Zhang, got out of his own room and knocked on the couple’s door, while shouting at them to ‘keep things down’. The man inside, surnamed Lei, came out of the room and started shouting obscenities at Zhang. That was when things started to escalate.

Screenshot from Facebook/Shanghaiist

Zhang then dragged Lei out of the room and started beating him, eventually stripping the latter to the waist. The brawl was only stopped when local authorities arrived and got between the two men.

Screenshot from Facebook/Shanghaiist

In the end, Zhang admitted that he might have over-reacted to the situation and agreed to pay Lei 15,000 yuan for the damage he had caused.

Yikes! Janina San Miguel look out! This new pageant contestant just became viral after answering her question in a unique way.

Miss World Philippines contestant Kristine Lopez was asked what advice should she give to cyberbullying victims. It took her a while to complete her sentence. At first, She stuttered but when she got herself together, she answered: "The best advice to give to cyberbullying is to love your mother."

Lopez was obviously not proud of her answer as her disappointment ("Ugh," she finished) was heard on the mic.

The video was dated back in Oct. 5 but the video just became viral because of the laugh-out-loud failed answer from Lopez.

In an article by GMA News, she thanked all of her supporters in her social media accounts and apologized for her mistake which she attributed to stage fright.

"To all the people who have such high hopes on me, I am sorry for disappointing you especially in the Q&A portion," the beauty queen wrote on her Facebook account.

"I might not have answer the question because of stage fright, but my answer would be this: 'I would advice the victim to accept the challenge, and just let those bullies bully you, BUT NEVER EVER let those people BRING YOU DOWN. It is YOU yourself who knows you more than anything else. STAND UP, DRESS UP, and SHOW the WORLD WHAT YOU'VE GOT and still be a GOOD PERSON and kill them with KINDNESS'."

She added, "And yes, I said 'love your mother,' because the only thing that's on my mind that time was my mother Melchora Reyes, my mom, a true model of a Filipina woman. A real model of love and sacrifice and the only person who I can run to when all else fails. I love you mommy!"

Source: TNP , Facebook
 We’ve shared some celebrity videos showing who they are behind the camera. Now, it’s Bela Padilla’s time to take the spotlight and be part of our list. This video of Bela Padilla taken on 2012 proved that the sexy actress is nothing but just a bubbly person behind the camera.

In the video, Bela was asked to sing some high-pitched songs such as Julie Ann San Jose’s version of “Payphone” and “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Without any hesitation, she granted the request on the condition that the one who requested would open the song for her. Later, she funnily admitted that she can’t reach the high notes and just told the technique of some singers on how they hit the high notes of any song which is by placing the microphone far from their mouths.
The 5-minute video was filled with just pure ‘kulitans’ of Bela Padilla and the people she’s working with. She even introduced the one who was filming their ‘kulitans’ to the other people inside the room and pulled her seatmate near her to also be captured in the amateur video.

Krista Cariño Sullivan or popularly known as Bela Padilla first started her career in ABS-CBN with screen name Krista Valle and got her current screen name Bela Padilla when she moved to GMA 7. Now, she went back to her home network and is now part of the hit Kapamilya teleserye “Ang Probinsyano”.

A taxi driver caught everyone's attention when he did something to his drunk passenger
The taxi driver stated that he had no idea where he should bring his drunk passenger, so he ended up driving to the San Mateo Police Station in San Mateo, Rizal for the woman to be arrested by the authorities. 

When they reached the police station, the woman was quickly assisted and was given a cup of coffee to get back to her senses. The authorities then asked for her relatives' contact numbers for them to be able to locate her. 

“Hindi malaman ng driver kung saan ito ihahatid kaya nagmabuting loob ang driver at mga kapulisan para ito ay buhatin at alalayan papasok ng police station. Binigyan namin sya ng assistance at tinanong kung saan ito nakatira," he said.

The passenger ended up thanking the driver for not taking advantage of her just beause she's drunk.

“Nagpasalamat naman si ate sa driver at sya ay dinala sa ahensyang tunay na maasahan. Pasalamatan din natin si manong driver sa mabuting loob na kanyang ginawa.”

This drunk woman rides a cab, but she didn't expect that the driver would do THIS to her! Check this out!
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A netizen shared the heart-warming story of two young kids selling sampaguita flowers outside the mall while they were still in their uniforms.

Rei Ann S. Fulgocino, the young girl in the photo, is a grade 8 student while her brother is in grade 6. They caught the attention of the netizen while they were selling sampaguita flowers in front of Trinoma in Quezon City.

The kids shared the reason why they are out selling sampaguita flowers in their uniforms: their mother passed away a long time ago and their father is at home sick so they have no choice but to provide for themselves and their school needs. By selling sampaguita flowers, the two are able to make it through the day. Every day right after their classes, the siblings go outside the mall to peddle their wares. 

Rei and her brother came all the way from Marikina in the hopes that they would be able to earn a bit of money to help their financial situation. She even shared how, before they started selling, she was at the top of her class. Sadly, now that they are spending time outside malls rather than studying, she fell down to top 3. 

The netizen wanted to inspire millions of Filipinos by telling Rei and her brother's story and also to call for help to support siblings. 

Here's the post the netizen shared:

"October 22,2016 sa Trinoma LANDMARK North Triangle Q.C , May isashare lang ako sa inyo Guys , Kahapon habang nag LANDMARK kami may nakita akong dalawang bata na naka uniform sa may labas ng LANDMARK na nagbebenta sila ng sampaguita , tinanong ko sila bat naka uniform pa kayo ,  galing pa po kasi kami sa school tapos dumideristu pa kami dito para magbenta ng sampaguita wala naman po kasing nagtataguyod sa amin kundi kami lang ng kapatid ko kaya kapag pumunta ako dito tinatapos ko muna kaagad ang homework ko sa school bago pumunta dito binibigyan muna ako ng 1hr ng teacher ko para tapusin yun , kasi alam naman nila yung ginagawa ko after sa school , AKO : bakit san ba mga magulang niyo ? wala na po si mama 8 months palang kapatid ko patay na si mama , si papa naman nag tatrabaho dati siya ung nagtataguyod sa amin kaya lang nag kasakit din po siya ngayon may sakit sa puso at hina highblood din po siya kaya ayon nasa bahay nalang po siya . kaya kami nalang muna ang naghahanap ng makakain namin at baon , AKO: eh taga san ba kayo at anong year muna ngayon ?  taga Marikina po kami Grade 8 na po ako tapos yung kapatid kung lalaki Grade 6 po , dati po top 1 pa po ako sa Class room namin nong nagbebenta na ako ng sampaguita top 3 nalang po ako , ang pangalan ng babae Rei Ann s. Fulgocino Gusto ko sana silang matulungan guys share niyo sa iba para matulungan sila ."

Touching Story Of Young Kids In Their Uniforms Selling Sampaguita In Front Of Trinoma! READ IT HERE!
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Honeymoons are considered the second most memorable moment for newlyweds. It makes wedding ceremonies and marital relationships special, so people usually make their best effort to ensure that it’s memorable. 

Making their honeymoon memorable was not a problem for this newlywed Chinese couple, as the groom’s friends treated the couple to a prank they would never forget!

While the newlyweds were making love, they were shocked when the groom’s friends dashed inside their room and captured their sweet moment together. While the friends laughed and shouted, the bride was shocked tried to cover her husband to protect his modesty. Hilariously, she failed to do so and her husband’s friends slapped his behind while laughing hysterically. The prank stopped when the group of friends left the couple, covering them up again.

The newlyweds were able to look on the bright side of the prank as they grinned while covering their naked bodies using the beddings. 

Although there are no exact details about where and when the footage was taken, it was posted on LiveLeak where it has been viewed by thousands of netizens. 

The identities of the newlyweds remain unknown.

Source: TNP, Mirror

If you think pranks only occurs in small scale friendly circles, then this story might leave you speechless. 

 A Chinese guy identified as Yu "Martin" Xu is said to have paid $3.7 million to Royal Court Escort for sexual services. He was promised that he can have any woman from anywhere in the world if he would just pay for their flight and accommodation. 

Of course, Xu was that gullible and believed the deal. He paid that whopping amount for three women of his dreams- Hollywood star Megan Fox Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel and Independence Day actress Angelababy

As expected, no one showed up even after he paid the "bill" in full. The actresses have no idea about the case and didn't even have to issue their statements. 

Apparently, money can't buy everything, especially if you're just pranked bigtime. 

This Man Paid $3.7 M For A Night With Megan Fox But Gets A Very Different Ending! READ MORE HERE
Source: TNP, Viral4Real

With crimes getting more rampant than ever, we must learn how to defend ourselves without endangering our lives. This video is a great example of that.

While a man is trying to get to his car, a man dressed in black pointed a gun at him. Although there was no audio in the video, it can be easily concluded that he was threatening him. 

They were out of the view for some time but when they came back, the scene had completely changed. The robber was running from the man who now held the gun. The robber tried to escape but he had nowhere to go. 

But what really made the video viral was when the man in blue started ordering the robber to clean the car! Being helpless in the scenario, the robber complied and obeyed the man in blue.

Lesson of the story? Be careful who you mess with!

As of this writing, the video already garnered 71K reactions and over 87 k shares.

Watch it below:

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 Truly, Regine Velasquez proved that she’s not just popular in our country but also in our neighboring countries such as Japan. Watch the heart-warming video of a cab driver in Japan after finding out Regine Velasques is his passenger.

Shared by Regine’s other half, Ogie Alcasid posted a video on Instagram documenting the reaction of a cab driver who was in tears after knowing that Regine Velasquez is his passenger. As seen in the video, the cab driver could not contain his tears of joy as Ogie Alcasid interviews him.

According to the cab driver, he loves listening to OPM particularly to Regine Velasquez songs. He commended the Asia Song Bird in tagalog and said, “Very, very maganda boses” and that she is “Number 1”.

Of Course, both Ogie and Regine felt very flattered with all the praises that their cab driver told them. They both thanked him in using the Japanese language and the driver returned back the gratitude by gratefully saying, “Salamat”.

Regine Velasquez flew to Japan last week together with husband Ogie Alcasid, son Nate and friends for vacation.

The video was taken at Ginza, a district in Tokyo with caption:

“Our Japanese cab driver was in tears after he found out that @reginevalcasid our #songbird was his passenger. #tyLord,”
As of this writing, the video has reached more than 24K views three days after it was uploaded
A video posted by Ogie Alcasid (@ogiealcasid) on
This is the viral video of Candidate number 10 Kristine Lopez to Miss World Philippines 2016 about cyberbullying.

Natawa talaga ako dito HAHAHA (21 minutes)

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