Xymon Ezekiel Pineda or more popularly known as "Onyok" in ABS-CBN's primetime show "Ang Probinsyano," is known for being the ultra cute and oh-so-quirky child actor who has been wowing audiences and fans with his funny quips and out-of-this-world "banats."

And he's not about to stop soon--a video released by Facebook page "Filipino Vines" has been circulating online. The video shows the child actor kissing Star Magic talent Julia Barretto

In the video, Onyok is seen sitting on Julia's lap while both are inside a tent. Actors Coco Martin, Bella Padilla, and Awra Briguela can also be seen in the video.

The actors counted down the kiss, then Onyok went for it and gave Julia a kiss on the lips. It elicited cheers and laughter from the rest of the surrounding actors. 

Onyok co-stars in "Ang Probinsyano" while Julia Barretto appears as Chloe Noble, Ian Veneracion's on-screen daughter, in "A Love to Last." 

"Ang Probinsyano" is produced by Dreamscape Entertainment while Star Creatives handle "A Love to Last." 
See the whole video here! 

Source: TNP, Facebook

On Bubble Gang's December 23 episode, sexy star Kim Domingo starred as a woman named 'Ms. Navarro' who complained about the severe pain she was experiencing on her head, foot, and back. 

The attending physician tried to determine the cause of her pain by asking her to remove her jacket. At first, Kim was reluctant but she was reassured by the doctor that by doing this, they will be able to know what's causing her head and back aches.

Not surprisingly, the doctor saw Kim's chest which appeared large and heavy. He later diagnosed that the pain as due to the weight of her chest.

However, the really funny part was how the doctor managed to "cure" Kim's ailments.

Watch the funny episode here:

Source: TNP , Youtube
We all know for a fact that the best way to attract customers is to give away promos for a particular product.

However, a Facebook user named Kristina Jackson has changed the game of using 'PROMOS'. 

A few weeks after the iPhone7 scandal, this girl posted something on her Facebook account that left everyone in shock! 

The photos showed her and her conversations with different people where she's offering them a "Promo/Happy budget meal rate". 

Photos of her body and the list of her promo then went viral online and as you read it, you'll realize that she's not offering any product, but is actually offering "EXTRA" services and promos. 

And as if she's on a game, she had a list of rules, do's and dont's.

The only problem is that they can no longer avail this promo because it's only valid from November 3 until December 20 2016.

Girl offers a happy 'BUDGET MEAL' that every guy would definitely love! This is insane!

Girl offers a happy 'BUDGET MEAL' that every guy would definitely love! This is insane!
Girl offers a happy 'BUDGET MEAL' that every guy would definitely love! This is insane!

Girl offers a happy 'BUDGET MEAL' that every guy would definitely love! This is insane!

Girl offers a happy 'BUDGET MEAL' that every guy would definitely love! This is insane!
Source: TNPPHR

Promos are really effective in enticing people to buy a particular product. However, a girl named Kristina Jackson offered a promo that shocked many people!

Only a few weeks after the iPhone scandal, it seems Jackson also wants to have her own customers as well. Photos of conversations with her offering a "Promo/Happy budget meal rate" have been circulating in social media. Mind you, this 'budget meal' is not something you can buy in the carinderia

Facebook user Human Side posted photos of Jackson's scheme.

Photos of Jackson's body and a list of her promo can found in the post. Yes, you read it right - she offers lovemaking services with different prices and promos. She has also listed the dos and don't's of her special promo.

The only thing is the boys can't avail the promo anymore as she indicated that promo was only from November 3 until December 20, 2016. 

The post of Human Side already garnered 2,100 likes, 1,670 shares and 1,532 comments as of writing! 
This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!
This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!
Source: TNP, Facebook
New S3x Video of Cristine Reyes was Allegedly Shared on Social Media. Is the scandal true? Who are the people spreading this content? What's their main purpose in doing all of these reputation damaging action?

An alleged new s3x video of Cristine Reyes is currently a top trending topic on Twitter. This fresh topic and controversial issue prompted the netizens to search for the download link of the scandalous clip on Facebook pages and other social media platforms.

Early Saturday, a certain page on Facebook with millions of fanbase uploaded a photo with a short description about the latest s3x video of Cristine Reyes. The 27-year-old lead character of the TV series "Tubig at Langis" is allegedly seen in the video performing l3wd acts together with an unidentified man.

We reviewed some of the comments on Facebook closely describing the video scandal of Cristine Reyes. One commenter mentioned that the clip contains a steamy s3xual encounter of the s3xy star and a handsome guy. Another netizen said that the man seems to be a non-showbiz personality.

We bit late in discovering this intriguing news. We tried to investigate and we've search several adult websites hoping that we can find the alleged video scandal. We decided to stop our search for the link to the scandalous video after we spent nearly three hours online.
We treat this as a bogus headline news or it's a FAKE news!

Source: VipStriker

Once again, the list of the sexiest women in the Philippines was released and people just can't stop talking about how beautiful and how sexy they are! 

Below are the top 10 sexiest women in the Philippines for the year 2016:

10. Rachel Anne Daquis
- She's a volleyball star who used to play for the FEU Tamaraws and is now playing forthe Philippine Army. She was recently featured on the cover page of FHM! 

MUST SEE: Philippines' 10 sexiest women in 2016! #5's beauty is indeed mesmerizing!

9. Kim Domingo
- She's part of the gag show on GMA called Bubble Gang. She was best known for her Dubsmash videos. She has also graced the pages of FHM back in 2015.

MUST SEE: Philippines' 10 sexiest women in 2016! #5's beauty is indeed mesmerizing!
8. Solenn Heussaff
- She's a multi-talented celebrity! Now, her husband can boast that he has just married the 8th sexiest women! 

MUST SEE: Philippines' 10 sexiest women in 2016! #5's beauty is indeed mesmerizing!

7. Arci Munoz
- She's one of the rising stars in 2016. From the 70th spot, she has jumped into the 7th place! 

MUST SEE: Philippines' 10 sexiest women in 2016! #5's beauty is indeed mesmerizing!

6. Marian Rivera
- She's considered as the most regular women to grace the pages of FHM. Despite giving birth to baby Zia, she has still manaed to stay fit and sexy! 

MUST SEE: Philippines' 10 sexiest women in 2016! #5's beauty is indeed mesmerizing!

5. Angel Locsin
- Despite all the downs and injuries she had experienced, she has managed to get a come back after she made it on the 5th spot! 

MUST SEE: Philippines' 10 sexiest women in 2016! #5's beauty is indeed mesmerizing!

Facebook personality Arisa Hui once again sets the social media community on fire with her latest hot and sexy dance video.

Her video, uploaded by Facebook page Triller, went viral with 21 thousand views on its initial release. The updates of this popular Facebook personality now dubbed as 'Pantasya ng Bayan' are now the most-awaited stories in social media. 

Watch her latest video here:

Source: TNP, Lackfeed

How would you react if a stranger touched your hand and threw flirting glances at you while going down the escalator? Would it be different if it the person were of the same sex?
Imma Pirone and Luca Iavoraone performed the prank on unsuspecting shoppers inside a mall. They divided it into two versions---“straight” and “gay.”

In the first half of the video, Pirone and Iavarone were touching random people of the opposite sex. Most of them are beside their partners and babies. The strangers were surprised. A man even showed his ring finger at Pirone.

For the gay version, the reactions were mixed. Some looked bothered or weirded out. A white-haired man was shaking his head as if saying, “Are you out of your mind?” The last stranger, however, went up the escalator and followed Iavarone. 

Netizens love the video. It has been viewed 700,000 times.

How about you? If you were in the strangers’ positions, how would you react? Tell us in the comments below.
Source: TNP, Viral4Real

President Rodrigo Duterte’s mouth might once again land him in hot water. United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights Zeid Ra-ad Al Hussein recently accused Pres. Duterte of being a murderer based on his recent statements wherein he boasted about riding his motorcycle looking for people to kill while he was the mayor of Davao City.

"I think there is one United Nations official, human rights. Sabi niya si Duterte daw is a murderer. Dapat daw ako kasuhan. This guy is ever the joker or medyo sira ang ulo," Duterte said during a speech delivered at the Convergence of Nanay Volunteers as Community Drugwatch in Angeles City, Pampanga on Thursday.

Zeid said on Tuesday that Duterte should be charged for committing murder the moment he revealed that he personally killed criminals before and urged local authorities to investigate the matter.

"Pakisabi nga kung sino ang ulol na iyon. Kindly tell him. He's another stupid there," Duterte brashly responded.

Duterte mentioned that the Philippines, being one of the UN's member states, pays its contribution to the organization. Thus, making the Philippines one of the hands that help provide for the official’s salaries.

"Ang mahirap nitong United Nations, you guys, you are employed by an organ composed of nations whose officials are elected by the people. Kayong mga opisyal, sitting there on your asses, we pay you your salaries. You idiot, do not tell me what to do. I am your employer, and do not do it to a nation. Who gave you the right?" he lashed out.

"Kulang kayo ng international law. Kami ang may contribution sa United Nations, kung hindi ka ba tarantadong, p— ina ka, at ako ang nagbabayad sa sweldo mo. Huwag kang magsalita diyan akala mo ako ang empleyado mo. I am a member state, a sovereign state. Please shut up kasi iyong utak ninyo diyan kulang. Do not do that," he continued.

"You are just an employee there. Appointment kayo. Got it? You are just employees of an office there whose subsidy comes from the pocket of the member states. And you do not have that authority to be--you strut around as if you're also a sovereign idiot. Sabi ko nga bugok kayo." Duterte added.

The president also claimed that the UN officials should get a proper review of diplomacy. Ironically, it is Duterte himself who has alienated many nations, including the Philippines’ ally the US.

"Go back to school. You United Nations, you do not know diplomacy. You do not know how to behave to be an employee of the United Nations. You do not talk to me like that, you son of a bitch. Ang maka-son of a bitch lang sa akin Pilipino, kung hindi ako nagtatrabaho," Duterte lashed out once more.

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) who conducted the investigation for the Davao Death Squad during Duterte's term as mayor of Davao reconstituted the same team to dig into the truth behind the President's bold statement.

"Good that I remembered. Send that copy to him. Tell him that if he wants to come here, kundi sampalin kita yawa ka," Duterte said.

The president later denied that he went around Davao City searching for criminals to kill, despite his recent boasts about doing so. He explained that he killed kidnappers and hostage-takers during police operations.
Source: TNP , GMA

This city jail has a really weird way of inspecting visitors who wanted to visit their loved ones. 

Body cavity search is the manual internal inspection for contrabands or prohibited materials on the visitors. 

Pasay City Jail has a different way of doing this inspection. The City jail imitates the kind of body search like in Malaysia

It involves a small platform with a small hole in the middle. There are also lights placed underneath the platform and a CCTV camera.

According to the investigation made by Bitag: New Generation, they said that "jail visitors are then asked to lie down naked in an awkward position on top of the platform." Jail guards also use this method in inspecting the private part of visitors to see if there are hidden prohibited materials such as cigarettes and illegal drugs.

Watch the video below!

Source: TNP , Bitagmedia

Camille Prats and Angelica Panganiban are the child stars who have contributed so much in the industry. Their friendship grew stronger as time flies.
Now, Camille Prats shared a tiny detail about her childhood friend. She revealed that one of the things she hate about Angelica is that she's always touching her underarm! 

 “I hate it! As in, sobra,” Camille exclaimed. 

One day, she thought of giving Angelica a taste of her own medicine. She saw Angelica wearing a sleeveless and so she did IT! The thing is, Angelica almost slapped her for she reacted harshly! 

“Muntik akong masampal [pero] buti na lang nakailag ako. Nakita ko siya sa mall [na] naka-sleeveless siya. [Ginawa ko sa kanya at] pag-ikot niya, na-realize niya kung sino [kaya] tinuluyan niya, Mars,” Camille shared. 

“Nakaganti ako kasi hate ko siya. Ayaw kong hinahawakan sa kili-kili [or] anything [na ginagawa sa] kili-kili. Basta nagspa-spark siya ng buwisit sa akin,” She added.
Source: TNPPHR

Elaborate and creative pranks quickly go viral nowadays. But not all pranks are well-received. Some are called out for being insensitive or offensive. This is one of those cases. 

Her prank involved throwing a huge dildo at women while they were using the toilet. One woman got really angry over the prank and this happened:

It just goes to show that people need to be careful about who they prank.

Source: YouTube, TNP

Coco Martin, John Lloyd Cruz and James Reid are three of the hottest and biggest names in the Philippine Showbiz industry today. 

Their ability to entice women through their looks has a proven track record with Filipinas. However, their charm was put to the test when an experiment showing how Korean women reacted to each of their faces went viral.

Three Korean women were asked about their individual impressions of each actor and who they preferred the most based on appearance.

Want to know who won the hearts of these Korean women? Watch the full video and tell us what you think!

Source: TNP, Todayinmanila

Who could have forgotten former child stars Camille Prats and Angelica Panganiban during the peak of their childhood careers? Recently, Camille revealed something about her childhood friend. 

Camille shared that one of the things she hates about Angelica is that she always touches her underarms. “I hate it! As in, sobra,” Camille exclaimed. 

One day, she saw Angelica wearing a sleeveless shirt. She decided to get her revenge by giving Angelica a taste of her own medicine. Angelica reacted harshly and almost slapped her! 

“Muntik akong masampal [pero] buti na lang nakailag ako. Nakita ko siya sa mall [na] naka-sleeveless siya. [Ginawa ko sa kanya at] pag-ikot niya, na-realize niya kung sino [kaya] tinuluyan niya, Mars,” Camille shared. 

“Nakaganti ako kasi hate ko siya. Ayaw kong hinahawakan sa kili-kili [or] anything [na ginagawa sa] kili-kili. Basta nagspa-spark siya ng buwisit sa akin,” She added.
Watch Camille tell the story during an interview below:

Source: TNP , GMANetwork
A woman confessed about the shocking love story that she had with the father of her baby.

During the time that she got pregnant, her partner was busy studying at the Far Eastern University taking up a degree in Architecture.

The woman who used a codename of Lovehasnoboundaries shared the story in FEU Secret Files.

According to her post, she decided to surprise her boyfriend by visiting him in his condominium unit.

The man said that he had requirements to finish for their final exams. She directly went to the condo unit.

The pregnant woman was shocked to see that her boyfriend was m@king love with another person and it was with another man.

The woman was so shocked that she fainted and the next thing that happened was that she was in a hospital. The eyes of his partner was pleading her not to tell anything about what she witnessed.

But that all happened 3 years ago, the man whom she refers as 'beks' supports her children.

Many women dream to have their own child. Some are blessed while some will try everything it takes in order to raise their own child, just like this OFW.
This Pinay OFW posted on her Facebook that she’ll be giving away 20,000 pesos to anyone who can get her pregnant. She told on her post which instantly went viral that she’s willing to raise the child even without the support of the child’s father but just agree with the contract of having no strings attached and should not see the baby after she gives birth.

Well, the offer is not open to everyone because according to the OFW, the man should possess good looks and height so the child would come out with perfect features and most importantly, the ‘applicant’ should not be impotent. Unfortunately, the Pinay is not in the country yet but assured everyone that she will post a status by the time she arrived.

Due to her very straight forward post and aggressiveness, many netizens criticized the woman for her actions that they thought immoral. On the other hand, many male netizens expressed their willingness to grab the offer.

Based on other websites, it was found that the name of the OFW been working in Dubai for 6 years and plans to come back soon to materialize her viral post.
Are you willing to give this offer a shot?
Source: TNP

Filipinos are known all over the world for our hospitality, helpfulness, and strong ties with each other. These traits stay with us wherever we go, even if we are outside the country. 

This video, posted on Facebook on December 15, showed exactly this. Ma. Theresa Bheng Montes helped Mercy, a fellow Filipina, upon knowing that she lost the money intended to buy rice for her boss. 

The video shows Mercy looking helpless and frantic, looking for the money under the shelves of the grocery store. Theresa saw her and immediately offered help. She gave Mercy a hundred Taiwanese dollar to be able to pay for the rice that she bought. 

Netizens praised Theresa for what she did. 

"You're a good steward." one Facebook user said.

The video showed how willing Filipinos are to help each other and consider each other family even outside the homeland.

Watch the video here:

Source: TNP , Facebook

In this generation, most people tend to judge others, or worse, they end up discriminating others just because of the way they see them. 
Now, there's this social experiment that featured a man who pretended to be a homeless man who tried to enter a fancy restaurant

With his outfit and transformation as a homeless man, he tried to enter the fancy restaurant, but ends up being rejected. 

Disappointed of what happened, the homeless man left. A few moments later, he then returned driving a Ferrari. The thing is, he received a much different treatment this time that literally showed how people are quick to judge the homeless people, and trust those wealthy ones.
Source: PHRTNP

There are various tales about dead people rising from their graves. But we often only see these stories in movies and TV shows.

A video recently became viral featuring an allegedly deceased woman appearing to have 'risen from her grave' and be able to walk again after 3 years at rest, as claimed by the netizen who posted the video.

Netizens who have watched the video were divided on whether the story is true or not. 

It was set in a community in Indonesia called Toraja. It is inhabited by a group of people called with the same name.

The Torajas are an ethnic group of people indigenous to the mountains of South Sulawesi. They are famous for their peculiar funeral rites.

These people believe in reincarnation and that dead people can still have a chance to come back to life. 

In the video, we can see a woman's 'corpse' was being dugged from her grave during a Toraja ritual. She suddenly moved and walked after a few moments.

People who witnessed the miracle were left in awe of what just happened.

When the videos and photos of the corpse reached the internet, it created a storm of reactions. However, some believe that is was a case of leprosy mistaken for death by the people of Toraja. 
Watch here and see for yourself:

Source: TNP, YouTube

A video of a jeepney driver beating a police officer has recently gone viral on social media.

The video started with an apparently agitated jeepney driver throwing punches at a defenseless officer. 

Many netizens condemned the driver's violent deed, while some noted that the bystanders did nothing to stop the violence

"Mga Pinoy talaga selfish, nakikita ng may binubugbog na pulis nakatunganga lang,” one netizen said.

Watch the video here.

Source: TNP, Kami